FoodWhore Co. Aprons are sick bro!!

Its been an exciting new Year so far and we are completely stoked on our brand new aprons. Our one of kind aprons have been a two year project in the making and we are pleased to announce they are done.  We also opened up a 2nd location in San Antonio Texas, we are super stoked on the culinary scene going on right now and can not wait to be apart of it.  Check us out on Instagram at FoodWhore and Twitter @TheFoodWhoreCo

FoodWhore Nation

We are very excited to start FoodWhore Nation, We would like to have at least 3-4 FoodWhore Chefs in every state and country. We think chefs should have a group to belong to with extreme pride in what they do.  We would like to set this up for many reasons,  we are putting together a blog of FoodWhore chefs and what their passion are, what they like to cook , what restaurant they cook at,  & how long they been cooking. If Chef Martinez is taking a trip to Boston and doesnt know anybody he or she can easly look...