The FoodWhore Company

We are a clothing company dedicated to every person in the restaurant service industry. We design aprons and chef coats with different aspects of cooking and food. The owner of The FoodWhore Co., Javier Trevino, is a foodie to say the least, and a "food whore" to say the most. Javier takes pride in having held just about every job in the service industry since he was 15 years old -- from washing dishes and bussing tables, to cooking, serving and bartending at very fine establishments. And today his experience and passion has led him to design versatile chef coats, aprons and culinary streetwear. The FoodWhore company makes everyday clothing to be worn in and out of the restaurant with a serious attitude towards the culinary arts.  FoodWhore clothing is developed with copious amounts of passion and a touch of wine. We use the finest materials hand picked in LA Fashion District and all our merchandise is proudly made in Los Angeles, California. Both of our seamstress have been in the industry for over 30 years each, starting on Broadway in NYC and Los Angeles CA working various plays, movie projects and Day time TV.

"We strive to make comfortable clothing that can be worn in and out of the restaurant geared toward bartending & culinary arts. We make everyday clothing that can be proudly worn by Chefs, bartenders and staff, in and out of the kitchen as well as custom made aprons for front or back of the house. Our passion is designing aprons.  We know what people in the restaurant industry want and understand their culture."

                                                                                                                      - Javier, The FoodWhore