Did you know that we make some of the best guayaberas in Texas if not California and Miami, why, because Javier makes everything from scratch, yard by yard. The old fashion way


The FoodWhore co.

"Bringing out the confidence everyone already has."

"Confidence is King"

Javier designs every piece of clothing and leather jacket you see.  With the help of his two man team he makes everything at our studio in San Antonio Texas.  Yes he started in Los
Angeles Ca. a city he`s madly in love with it, but his roots are deep in the heart of Texas.

Every guayabera, apron, bag, shirt, shorts, jeans and every thing else you see he makes using textiles we import from all over the world.  Looking for an investor.  Be sure and check out our Instagram page @FoodWhore  Any questions can be directed to LAFoodWhore@gmail.com....