FoodWhore Nation

We are very excited to start FoodWhore Nation, We would like to have at least 3-4 FoodWhore Chefs in every state and country. We think chefs should have a group to belong to with extreme pride in what they do.  We would like to set this up for many reasons,  we are putting together a blog of FoodWhore chefs and what their passion are, what they like to cook , what restaurant they cook at,  & how long they been cooking. If Chef Martinez is taking a trip to Boston and doesnt know anybody he or she can easly look up what FW Chef is in Boston and what they like to cook and so fourth,  If any thing a couch to sleep on or a place to stay. If Chef Susan just landed a new job as executive chef at the hottest Mediterranean restaurant on the block however her background is French, I want her to look up what FW chef loves to create Mediterranean cuisine and go from there regardless of what country or city your in.  Chefs its time to unite and and be apart of something big. Sharing recipes, cooking styles, techniques, observations, anything culinary!!  I want FoodWhore Nation to exist to a level of restaurant owners & investors hiring nothing but FW chefs for there discipline and extreme dedication to the culinary arts and excellent networking abilities. There is no reason why chefs should not have connections with other chefs in other cities and countries. This could be an opportunity to network with the best of the best from each state and country specializing in and or having unique experience in many genres of cooking. Chefs join me, lets start this. Clothing with logo and state or country will be provided once we get things in line. Please email me if interested, thank you chefs.    Up and Coming chefs, culinary students welcome.....But this will be an underground "Fightclub" in a culinary way, We have tattoos, are language is sometimes foul and frankly DGAF.....but guess what ...our passion speaks for its self....

                               Javier The FoodWhore

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