Sasha Petraske is a wonderful man

Had the absolute pleasure of meeting the greatest bartender in the country Sasha Petraske this past week. I learned a great deal of knowledge regarding real cocktails. Thanks so much Sasha! Enjoy the Apron!

Barbaro has some wonderful pizza

Just ate Barbaro pizza in San Antonio and it was fantastic, from the soft thin crust to the imported Mozz that was smothering my pie. It was devine, Sweet and beautiful bartender helped me out with a dope ass lunch special. $10 for a Gorgonzola salad and any small pie off the menu! Im going back....for the bartenders smile and the lunch special!


2720 McCullough Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212

We just finished making some dope ass aprons. The "Black&Tan" and "The Ninja" as well as the high pocket butcher apron.

Be sure to check out the new aprons and send us an email of what your looking for. We can change the color, pocket placement even color of stitching for your restaurant or kitchen.

New Childrens Butcher Aprons are now available

Custom mini Butcher Aprons for the little ones in the kitchen. Now your kids can match you while making your favorite dish! Javier The FoodWhore makes entirely by hand!


Dont forget to check us out on Twitter @TheFoodWhoreco  and Instagram @FoodWhore   & Please send us questions on what your looking for in an apron and lets see if Javier The FoodWhore can make that happen for you, we can make your apron dreams come true!  Happy Cooking!